Maybe, like me, you are a fan of various tools that are supposed to help you organize the chaos of tasks and priorities so that you have everything systematic, structured with allocated time. A long list of tasks creates a feeling that we have things under control, that we have things in order, an overview, that we are productive. A key purpose of this list is primarily to relieve our overburdened minds with a memory medium. For certain kinds of tasks, this is extremely useful. In order for the list to be useful for our day-to-day productivity, it assumes that we need a lot of internal discipline, because a long list can be quite frustrating and sometimes even harmful. In any case, it is important that we always start with simple and easily achievable tasks. In contrast to complex and complicated tasks, simpler ones are easier to handle and motivate us. That’s when you have a good feeling that things are falling apart, that you are moving on.


The offer is wide, I like simpler rather than more complex products. I have tried Google Sheets, Notion, Google Keep, Trello, GoodDay. I ended up with Google Sheet. It’s simple and functional.

How do you define a productivity booster?

❤ Thinking, asking questions, applying principles and priorities. Through them we filter, eliminate, simplify, save energy and time and thus shorten our to-do list. Being productive is doing the right things, the right way. This will save a lot of time, energy and money. Time and energy are like money in that they are the currency we use to purchase goods and services.

❤ Peace. If we want to make serious decisions, we need to activate a deeper level of thinking. We reach this level through comfort and peace. For that, we need to include a break, rest, sport, slow down and empty the mind in our work program so that our subconscious mind, to which we previously sent information about what we need to solve, can work undisturbed. This process assumes that we can deal with the inner voice that tells us that productivity means always doing something… We have to learn it. One good way is to include a stay in nature, weekend hiking or meditation in your working day.