hero journey

No one likes uncertainty. Me neither. It bothers me that I don’t have control, that I can’t see around the corner, that I can’t influence what will happen. It causes internal discomfort, causes concern. What about that? We can best handle uncertainty by learning to function in it, by getting used to it, and by strengthening our ability to resist it. To do this, we need the courage to tear down our existing operating model and replace it with a new one.

Symbolically, the process of change is represented by the Hero’s Path. It is a way of functioning where one can step out of the comfort of the known into the uncertainty of the unknown. In other words, he is willing to take on an adventure, to start something completely different. He embarks on a journey of discovery, changes his job, starts a business, creates….🔥

Every adventure has hidden insecurities and obstacles. When we confront them, they force us to think and act differently, otherwise we won’t defeat them…

The Hero’s path is not an easy choice. It means overcoming our inner resistance. 😂 … fear, fear of failure and failure ... what others will say. The DNA of resistance originates in internal thought constructs…attitudes, ideas, thought patterns with which we have identified and which make up our self. It’s impossible, I’m not up to it…This is our internal program that is created by observing, copying parents, acquaintances, and receiving media information..

We often feel that we want change, but we don’t know what and how to change. When we want to change others, change circumstances, or run away, or fight, we end up reliving the same situation, only in a different way.

If you want to step on the Path of Heroes and learn to live in uncertainty, to overcome your internal limitations, you must embark on something that internally calls you, attracts you, but of which you are concerned and afraid. Whether it’s a trip to another country, a job change, a business… Take the challenge as training that will move you somewhere, don’t focus too much on achieving a specific goal, the journey itself is more significant….

You can also train in nature. You walk and climb hills that symbolize obstacles. You train resistance and discipline. The Cesta Hrdinov SNP is the perfect hiking destination if you like exploring the beauty of Slovak nature. It’s an adventure that will test you and push you further….