I do not have goals I have rules 🙂

One of my personal rules is having at least 1 hour of physical activity during the day. I usually start in the morning with yoga and mediation. During the day I pick an activity that feels right for the day.

👍 Rule   1 hour per day

❤ I have no official training plan. I have no caloric, time, or effort goal. I do what I feel is right. I enjoy breathing a fresh air, enjoying sun, nature…

❤  I follow my feelings…I move for joy, I move becouse I like it, not because I want to reach a goal. The intensity I choose is also based on how I feel. 

❤  Weather is not an issue…If it is nice outside I take a bike, if it rains I run… I learnt to enjoy running during the rain, the woods, the trees smell so much better. You just need to notice it with your awareness…take things as they are

❤  I do not compete. Once a while I visit sport race, for the joy of atmosphere, connection with other people. I never push myself throught limits, I do not compete, I just try to enjoy and do my best.

How do I motivate myself ?

😀 I know I feel great after sweating and taking a cold shower !
😀 I sleep much better
😀 I focus much better
😀 I have more energy and joy

💪 1 hour per day during a year translates

🚲 4500 km bike
🏃  750 km run
🏊‍♂️ 60 km swim
🥾 200 km hiking
🧘 and yoga while watching TV